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"My STINT in Central Asia stretched my character, enlarged my faith, and re-shaped my priorities and perspective, enabling me to live a more Truth-centered life for the Kingdom. I'm now making plans to go for a longer stretch of time. I would say that no sacrifice is too great for the experience of spending an extended period of time serving in an unreached country!"

Zack Riesland
North Carolina State University

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This partnership is one of the most exciting we have to offer.  Central Asia is full of countries in the midst of transition. Formerly part of the Soviet Union, there is a unique combination of new governments, Muslim religion, Russian culture and economic possibility. Though Central Asian countries are no longer part of the Soviet Union, independence has not brought freedom and economic prosperity.

There is a real mix of ethnic groups with most indigenous peoples having a long history of being Muslim. Statistically, less than .1% of the population are followers of Christ which makes this country one of  the most unreached countries in the world yet also one of the most strategic. Imagine if college students in this country came to Christ, were built up in their faith, and then sent out not only to reach their own country, but also the other unreached countries surrounding it that we cannot get into.  Not only is this partnership strategic, but also a great place to live and minister. 

The city has over 2,500 years of history and beautiful scenery.  The people are the kindest and warmest people on the face of the Earth and they are truly in need of opportunities to hear the Gospel and respond to it. Please come to the Central Asia partnership for a summer or for a year and help reach Muslims for Christ!

Partner Campuses:

Central KY, ETSU, UK, ASU, Morehead

Stage of Ministry:
Began Summer 2003. The partnership has had 4 STINT teams and an ICS couple in the past. 

Summer Mission 2016

Tentatively May 18 - June 30 (dates are subject to change)
Cost: Approximately $5600

Unable to join us for the entire summer project? How about joining us for two weeks? 2-Week TREK May 18 - May 31. Cost: Approximately $3200

Note:  All students accepted on a Global Missions Summer Project are required to attend the Summer Project Briefing on April 8-10, 2016 in Black Mountain, NC.

STINT 2016-2017

August 20, 2016 - July 15, 2017

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