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Picture of the Earth in a Hand
Picture of the Earth in a Hand
Reach the World for Christ. There are over 100 million university students in the world. They represent a key component of the global culture. They are the future and hope of all nations. The opportunity is ripe for students from the US to make a difference internationally - and students in the US are poised to make a difference that far outweighs their number.

Love the Lord

Our dream is that you would return from your time overseas more in love with Jesus. While overseas, you will have more time than ever with the Lord, and our desire is that you would learn to love Him with all of your heart.

Love my team

You will be on a team of fellow students and Cru staff from different universities with different personalities, gifts, and ways of looking at the world. You will develop great relationships, and learn how to work through conflict. Together you will grow from team to family.

Launch a movement

The locations that we make available have been chosen carefully. In most cases the ministry in a particular location is either non-existent or very young. Our desire is to help establish self-sustaining movements on campuses in each of these locations. You will share your faith, disciple young believers and help train them to win others ... while dreaming of the day when they lead this new ministry on their own.

Learn a new world

You will experience a host of new stuff and learn a whole new world. You will have the opportunity to live in a different culture, eat different foods and connect with people in a whole new way ... and it will change the way you live.


Mission Sites of Interest

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